Applications to (Algo|Afro) Futures closed on 23:59 on 14th March GMT. Thanks to all those that applied. We’re hoping that the programme will run again in the future so please check back for further information.

The questions to be answered are referenced below:

  1. Name

  2. Please enter your post code This will be used to check eligibility

  3. Why do you want to be involved? (up to 200 words) We’re interested to know what interests you about live coding and what you hope to gain from the programme.

  4. Please describe your practice (up to 200 words) Are there any concepts, themes or questions that run throughout your work? We are looking for early-career artists so don’t expect this to be crystal clear!

  5. Please share links that describe your music/creative practice If passwords are required please share those

  6. Do you consider yourself to be Black, which we describe as being Black African, Caribbean, Afro-Latinx and African-American heritage, including those of mixed-Black heritage who identify as such?

Questions about the programme may already have answers in the FAQ. If in doubt please contact us.

Video submission

To apply to (Algo|Afro) Futures via video submission please submit a video of maximum five minutes in length that answers the above questions.

To submit your video please upload your video to a host such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Vimeo or YouTube and send a link to the video to Antonio Roberts at If a password is required to access the video please share the password.

Written submission

To apply to (Algo|Afro) Futures in writing please fill in the form below. The form does not save your progress, so we recommend writing your responses in a separate document and copy/pasting them into the form when you’re ready to submit.