Showcase event

The showcase event took place on 4th August 2023 at Vivid Projects and showcased live coding works and performances from the 2023 cohort MYNA, Jim Osman, Zach B-B, Jamal Lloyd Davis, φ, Emma Osman, and Tomilola Olumide.

Photos by Marcin Sz

Photos by Jamal Lloyd Davis

Photos by Leah Moses


Emma Osman


As an artist, my focus lies in the realm of immersive art. I am captivated by the transformative nature of artistic experiences and strive to create works that transport viewers to new dimensions. Through my art, I aim to evoke profound emotions, challenge perceptions, and ignite curiosity within the audience. By embracing collaborative processes, I have honed my skills in translating abstract ideas into tangible and captivating visual & audio expressions. My work encompasses various mediums, techniques, and installations, allowing me to explore the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.



KarmaRi is a singer, songwriter, rapper & poet from Birmingham who resides within the genres of RnB, TrapSoul & Jazz primarily. Her melodious and mystical sound unearths her audiences deepest fears and inspires them to reach their greatest depths. Her song “Cycles” has been featured by DJTarget as the underground RnB tune of the week on BBCRadio1Xtra and is also the leading soundtrack for a British independent film by Sam Addo called Cards on the Table. Her delightfully delicate sounding vocals paired with her intense and sharp lyrical genius blend together to capture the minds of her listeners.



MYNA, (or just Amina!) is a DJ from Sheffield and has been carving her way through the northern music scene. She’s currently an internal team member of the Beatriarchy and Mondo Radio and recently completed her residency at Hope Works. Celebrating black artists across genres, MYNA’s captivating mixes transcend boundaries, captivating audiences in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, and London. In this programme, she takes a step to combine her coding ability, with a passion for music, artistic expression and exploring heritage.

Jamal Lloyd Davis


Jamal Lloyd Davis is a UK based Black photographer and filmmaker. His work explores themes of identity, culture, and social justice, shedding light on marginalized communities and amplifying their voices. With a unique perspective rooted in his own lived experiences, Jamal’s artistry challenges stereotypes and confronts societal norms. Recently, he was awarded a prestigious residency at the Southbank Centre, where he continues to push boundaries and inspire dialogue through powerful visual narratives.

Tomilola Olumide


Tomilola Olumide is a Multidisciplinary Artist who documents her personal history and understanding of the world as autobiographical assemblages that reflect complex fabrics of human existence. Inspired by her upbringing in Lagos, Nigeria and her navigation of life in adulthood, Olumide uses her experiences as memory banks that influence discussions on identity, memory, emotional landscapes, being and materiality. These subjects are portrayed as sculptures, paintings, collages, performance art, site-specific installations and written works of poetry and musings.

Zach B-B


An interdisciplinary artist, working with both visuals and sound, amalgamating different practices to reflect ideas of self expression, a sustainable future, absurdity and the internet.

Working with communities and assisting at events, I am looking to develop my creative practice with local groups to create positive lasting impacts through experiences with art and technology.

Jim Osman


Jim Osman is a London-based stage director from Leeds, working across theatre, opera, live art, audio drama and sound art. He recently completed an MA in Opera Directing. He directed a Cyberpunk opera based on research he provided for the Cyberpunk Culture Research Network. He is passionate about experimental and avant-garde music, and writes for The Quietus magazine. He makes experimental noise and sings in Spirit Data, a sci-fi post-punk band. He has had speculative fiction short stories published in anthologies. He is working towards beginning a PhD in speculative fiction in audio drama and sound art.



*photo by Ambient Jade*

φ is a violet winter tree. He grows poetry (periwinkle), music (mauve), writing (wysteria), dancing (damson) and amethyst (art) for himself and his community.

φ’s community describes his work as building ‘roads towards the empowerment of others knowing themselves and community.’ φ’s mauve mainly focuses on the ’excavation of an internal world(s)’ which contain ‘radical self-compassion; the type of self-compassion that dismantles things.’ His musical concepts are informed by Black Afrofuturism, sci-fi, queer love, and colour theory.

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